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September 2017 Newsletter

September 2017 Newsletter

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Ahh…September is here, which means the weather will start to cool off. Before we say goodbye to the hot weather we will have one more chance to enjoy the pool, lake, outdoors as we celebrate the Labor Day Holiday. The center is closed Monday, September 4th   as we join in honoring the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made. Enjoy this long weekend with family and friends and we’ll see you Tuesday, September 5th.

If you missed August’s MUW Lunch Outing, we are going again on September 8th.  Please have your money in by Wednesday the 6th if you plan to go. Otherwise, our kitchen staff will still serve a nutritious hot meal for those who are staying. Everyone is looking forward to going to Lake Lowndes Park for a Picnic Outing. This is always an activity that doubles fun and relaxation.  If you plan to fish, make sure you don’t forget your rod and lures!

Grandparents Day is Sunday September 10th.  On the 11th, we will talk about its history and how this group of men and women shape the lives of the future generations.

This month is also National Preparedness month.  With the recent hurricane and damaged that we’ve seen, we should all prepare a plan for situations like these.

The center will have 90’s Day on September 21st. Prepare to come to the center wearing your fave 90’s attire as we go down memory lane and reminisce that decade.

Flip the page and mark activities that interest you. As always, we hope our clients will join us every day and we invite their caregivers to stop by and see how much F-U-N we’re having!

Meet the Client — Mr. Olajuwon H. H.

Mr. Olajuwon is 31. He is from Orlando, FL. He came to Columbus, MS in 2014 along with his mom and sister and joined the center in January of this year.

He loves to play video games and calls himself a “Gamer”. He loves going to church and loves the color red.

Olajuwon dreams of having his own book published one day. As of this writing, he is actively getting the contents for it. He might ask you for an idea or two so when you get a chance, do stop by and say “Hi”!


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