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October 2017 Newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter

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Fall is here, the color orange and yellow are visible. That being said, the weather mimics the change. Ahead of us is a promising first week of temperatures that are actually “Cool”. At Beautiful Life, we’ll start making our October Fall-themed arts and crafts. You can take them home to show off to your family or leave at the center for all of us to enjoy!!!

MUW has been a great host every time we want great food so we are going back on October 10th.  The cost is $7.  Please have your money in by Friday October 6.

Pink is another important color this month. It is dedicated for Breast Cancer Awareness. This deadly disease affects people from all walks of life so preventing and fighting the disease early on will let us conquer the unwanted sufferings. Wear something Pink the second week of October to remember/support people and loved ones affected. We will conduct a balloon release on the 16th.

With Fall also comes CELEBRATION!!! What better way to celebrate than have our own FALL Festival!!!!!!!  Please come and have F-U-N!  We will have a Cupcake Walk, Face Painting, and Door prizes. You do not want to miss the 27th.

October also means Halloween. On the 31st, come to the center in your fave costume and let’s trick or treat. You never know you might just be awarded for having the “Best Costume”.

Do you want more? If so, flip the page over to see our full schedule. Join us every day to spend time with FRIENDS and crack LAUGHS here and there!!!

Meet the Client — RoxAnna B.

Ms. RoxAnna is 62 years old and likes to be called Roxie by family and friends. Her life is full with two loving sons and six grandchildren. She is originally from Arkansas and has been living in Columbus for 10 years.

Ms. RoxAnna  is an ordained minister and elder of the Correllian Nativist. Her hobbies are reading, baking, playing board games and making crafts to give to others.  She really enjoys coming to the center. Please stop by and say Hi!!!


Jaundice — causes your skin and the whites of your eyes to turn yellow. Too much bilirubin which is a yellow chemical in hemoglobin causes jaundice. Many healthy babies have some jaundice during the first week of life.  However, it can happen at any age for many reasons such as: blood and liver diseases, infections, and medicines. If you notice jaundice, ask guidance from your Nurse Practitioner or Doctor so proper treatment can be provided.


October Birthdays

  • L. Brown 10/7
  • J. Hill 10/8
  • J. Sykes 10/11
  • D. Trimble 10/19
  • W. Myles 10/23

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