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August 2017 Newsletter

August 2017 Newsletter

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Happy August everyone! We hope everyone is staying cool and hydrated as we enter the hottest month of the year.

We hope you had a great summer with the kids and grandkids out of school! We do want them to continue their education as the new school year starts in a week or so.

With summer ending, August is designated as Back-to-school Safety month. Here are a few tips: Slow down and be especially alert; take extra time to look for kids at intersection and on curbs; enter and exit driveways slowly and carefully. Please put down your phone and don’t talk or text while driving. Beautiful Life will be reminding our drivers to be observant and cautious while we take you or your loved one to and from the Center.

We have exciting activities going on this August. For Pizza Lovers, we’ll have a Pizza Party on August 4. The cost is $6. Please have your money by Thursday, August 3rd. If you prefer to not join, then lunch is still served.

Come August 10th and help us celebrate Beautiful Life’s 10th BIRTHDAY! We will have prizes for all clients that day. After lunch, a band will be performing for special entertainment. Then, we’ll have a balloon release. Cake and snacks will be served for everyone to enjoy. We would love for caregivers to attend. Let us know by Monday August 7th if you are coming.

A lot more activities are scheduled this month. There’s the MUW lunch outing, Ice Cream Social, Noodle Ball, Music Therapy, Michael Jackson’s birthday and Wild Wild West Day. As always, we love to dress up, so on those special days feel free to dress up for the OCCASION! So come ready and PARTY with us this Month of August!!!!!!!!

Meet the Client — Kevin C.

Kevin is 26.  He has been attending BLADC for 3 years. Kevin missed two days last month for doctor appointments. Prior to that, he has not missed a day since 8/20/14. He loves to read and spend quiet time alone.  Kevin comes to the Center daily.  He likes to socialize with others and enjoys hanging outside on the patio.

He is a big help around the Center. You do not have to ask him to do anything because he knows what needs to be done and he does it.  Along with his loving mother he has one bother (who also attends) and one sister. Please stop by and say “Hi”!!!


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August Birthdays

8/2 Brunson G.

8/5 Debora R.

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